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Peggy's Bookkeeping Service

Accurate and On Time, Every Time.


We know there are many aspects to running a small business and that prioritizing can be tricky. One thing every business owner understands is that the client must come first, you wouldn't want to keep a client waiting in the lobby while you balance the checkbook, so let us take care of the books while you take care of your clients.


Peggy's Bookkeeping  does the detail work for you so you can focus on running and growing your business and more importantly, taking care of your clients. 

At Peggy's we pride ourselves on clean and accurate work done in your time frame. We guarantee to have your books ready for your CPA on time, every time.

Many of Peggy's Bookkeeping clients are virtual, allowing us to serve the entire U.S.



Are you starting a new business or in your first year of business? Peggy's Bookkeeping can help with that. We can set up your new finance software file with all the proper accounting pertinent to your specific business type. We can get your books up to date and in great shape for you to take over or we can partner with you long-term to save you the time, money and hassle of doing it yourself or hiring a full time employee.


Are you a seasoned business owner who just doesn't have time to sort out past months or years of backlogged accounting? Peggy's Bookkeeping can help with that. We can take your existing finance files and clean them up so they are true and accurate in time for tax deadlines.


Have you been doing your own business finances and just want to make sure you're on the right track? We can look over your records and give you an honest assessment of our findings. This is particularly helpful to you as a business owner around tax time, as it gives you the peace of mind to comfortably move forward with your tax planning with the knowledge that everything is in order.



“Peggy has been our senior bookkeeping service for 8 years now, working both on-site and remotely. She has done everything from weekly bookkeeping to "deep dive" forensic analysis. She has been able to find holes in our proverbial bucket, and helped us create new systems to become more efficient. She was instrumental in helping us find a bookkeeping platform for our expanding company, and has been key in inventory management systems. In addition, she's been able to help us implement platforms incorporating all aspects of bookkeeping and finance, like payroll, sales tax and costing. She she can create logs or spreadsheets so the owner can really see the details of their business. ”

“Peggy is way more than a bookkeeper . She can certainly do bookkeeping, but her biggest strength, in my opinion, is in being able to organize a company's finance lines so the owner can really SEE the scene. And she is flexible in being able to hear what you want as an owner and create it.”

“There will always be some job we call Peggy for!”

K. B. - Alexandria, VA

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